About Harmon Pest Control

We started Harmon Pest Control in 2004.  When the business first began both Bob and Mariana Harmon had both been in the business about 10 years.  Bob, in the termite business and Mariana in general pest control.  The relationships which had been developed in the real estate market, the title companies and general overall friends in the valley helped the company to grow and expand.

Within the first year, we had moved into a good working location and had termite inspectors, a repair crew and the general pest department.  We also had the luxury of hiring people we had already worked with and trusted them to work in high integrity.

During 2006 - 2007 the market had great changed and we changed and grew with it.  Adapting and finding work all over Northern California kept us moving forward and we made changes where we needed to and have kept finding new clients over the years.  We realize that our success is due to the satisfaction and trust we have developed over time with all of our customers.

As we have continued to expand and grow over the years, we know this would not have been possible without our loyal customers.  Currently, we are expanding our General Pest Control division and we are always continuing to strive to work in high integrity with each person and are grateful that we can provide a professional service to help us with their pest control needs.