Hi!  My name is Buzz and today is my birthday!! 

Today is the day I emerged from my pupa casing to spread my wings.  It took me about one week, with wonderful (optimal) warm weather, to change from an egg to a larva to a pupa and then to an adult fly (YEA!).

Right now, I am a little slow because I have to get my body fluids to flow into the veins in my wings.  But, it won't be long now until the unfolding of my wings and for them to harden...then I can take flight.

It is so warm today that my wings have dried and now I smell, through my mouth parts, the wonderful fragrance of food.  I am flying free and strong now!


I've been trying to make it into a house but the people who live there have put screens on their windows and sealed all the cracks around their doors.  I can't seem to make my way in for now but I notice there are a few dogs, woohoo!  Dogs mean dog food and little doggie presents in the lawn.  The owners also have fruit trees and the older fruit has not been cleaned up on the ground.  My mouth parts don't allow me to pierce the food, I can't bite, but since I have sponging mouth parts I release an acid to break down my meal and then suck it up.  I am known for transmitting diseases but if these people keep their area free of biodegradable materials and feces, I may not stay here very long.

I only live for about 30 days in warm weather so I am going to make the most of my time.  The warmer the weather, the shorter my life cycle.  When it gets cold outside, we're usually in the larval or pupae stage, waiting to hatch into the warmth.  When it cools down, my life cycle can last for 3 months.


I have a really HUGE family!  Once my mom laid the eggs of all my brothers and sisters our family was about 150 strong.  I have so many cousins too, like Cousin Stinky who is a garbage fly and Cousin Muck the stable fly and Cousin Kardashian who is the face fly. What helped us grow was a wonderful site of moist organic materials that had lawn clippings and decaying fruit in it.  Most people think we only reproduce in manure (which we love by the way) but we are actually very versatile and as long as it's warm and decomposing, we are right at home.  My cousins and I look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Because this years' weather patterns have changed, we will probably be seeing you a little sooner than you expected this year.  Just remember that if you don't want us too close, pay head to the physical pest management of removing the attracting factors away from your home.  If so, my family and I will be very happy to be at a neighboring dairy or maybe a waste management facility.

Be buzzing at ya soon....

Buzz The Fly

AuthorMariana Harmon