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  • 24 Hour Turn Around on Termite Reports
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  • Expert knowledge assisting Real Estate Professionals
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Anthony DeMatteo

Anthony DeMatteo

Termite Inspection

A termite inspection is technically called a wood destroying pest and organisms inspection report.  Our inspectors have years of training and are experts at their jobs. 

A wood destroying pest and organism inspection report is offered as a separated report, breaking down the findings into Section I, Section II and Further Inspection. 

  • Section I is an active infestation or infection
  • Section II is conducive conditions gone uncorrected and could lead up to a Section I.
  • A Further Inspection is areas that show signs of conditions but could not be classified as a Section I or Section II without further inspection of an inaccessible area.

Examples of each section are as follows:

  • Section I would be active termites, wood boring beetles, carpenter bees, carpenter ants of fungus damage.
  • Section II would be plumbing leaks, earth to wood contacts, cellulose debris in sub-area.
  • Further Inspection would be locked doors, sealed attic or sub-area access, water stains on sheetrock or floor covering, etc.

Harmon Pest Control offers a 24-hour turn around on our inspections.  We also work with Home Inspection companies and roofing companies which enables us to offer a bundled package at a discounted rate.  We are also General Contractors and do all in house repairs and our Carpenters have been working with us for over 10 years.  You will find we are very reputable in the Real Estate industry.