Tree Injections


One of our most gratifying services that we provide is for tress, which are experiencing stress problems due to insects and/or malnutrition.  What we are seeing more commonly is problems with sucking insects, like aphids and scale white flies in large standard trees.  

With a one-time treatment performed in early Spring, the tree experiences a renewed source of energy due to the pest problem being removed.  The trees look like they've been given a fertilizer, but in reality they are now free to grow instead of battling the insect problem.  The treatment last for 1 year.

Modesto Ash, Raywood Ash, Maples, Hackberry and Birch are all common tress that experience the stress of heat and insects during the summer.  This results in sticky honeydew falling from the trees and being carried into our homes.

We love our trees here in the Valley and we are happy to offer this service to make for happier trees.

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